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Retrato copyAll of my knowledge and approach to art starts when I was very little, I started feeling it through my granduncle, Carlos Dorlhiac, fountain pen artist and ink on paper. He was also a photographer.

His landscapes specialized in local culture of Chile, during his time the first decades of the 20th Century. His magnificent trees, faces, food fairs and characters amazed me. I had the chance to meet him when I was a teenager when I traveled to Santiago with my mother to visit him. His work really moved me. Happiness fulfilled me, I felt connected to him, to his work, though he never knew, because we didn’t know at the time that I would become an artist.

I saw lots of portraits of my cousins, all of them moved me and touched my soul.
Carlos Dorlhiac had been always my referent.

For my wedding, he sent us the face of a girl, tiny and beautiful as a gift for us. I almost died of excitement. Among other pieces of art he gave me, makes me remember him every time.
I was never very close to my uncle because we lived far away from each other. I was raising my sons, it was a different time, and the country life was difficult, however, I carry him in my heart, he is making me company every day, I read and look his biographical book and magnificent work edited in 2010.

mt3In despite of my great admiration to Carlos Dorlhiac, I took a different path in art. I like to draw, I am a painter artist and I devolped to abstract style that interprets me completely and gives me the freedom to create my work from my own emotions.

I consider myself as an intrepid and nothing scares me. I like to make and work with different elements, adding little pieces, rings and rusted iron things I found in the field. The acrylic spots in the canvas, wet it, leaving tracks, paths, traces, using different kinds of paper (painting it and washing it), Chinese ink, oils and acrylics. Thousands of things that give me the joy of making good and finished art.