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“We face an artist that observes a piece of art that she is making with a lot of rigor, but then she plays with it until it is destroyed, not because of aggression, but deep thinking.

It shows a lot of astonishment for nature and for the world of communication. It is a worship to beauty. She doesn’t restring herself to one subject, nor an art theory only, only looking through beauty that is inside different matters and circumstances, casual encounters, letters, spots, collages.

From this encounter, after working with such rigor, until the art pieces comes from where it has been hidden.

We could say this is a big material and spiritual game with lots of varied shapes.”

Beatriz Araya. Artist


“María Teresa is a painter with a path very diverse. She specialize in interpreting landscapes and other intimate subjects, for example: flowers and still life, her color is strong, especially in the warm range and colors found in cozy landscapes. Always irradiant with light.

Now, she is a student in my studio in Reñaca, for that I can say in this short time we’ve been painting together she has showed me that she possess a strong talent and her results are very useful. Achieving an expressionist range of colors.

Anyway, María Teresa has known how to manage with a lot of wisdom in the interpretation of shapes, merging them correctly in every proposed subject. Her life and creativity allows her to visualize and understand the complex path of art.”

Augusto Barcia. Painter artist

María Teresa’s abstract painting is shown as an art full of suggestions. Sometimes it looks like abused walls because of time and sometimes apparently represent mysterious landscapes.

Her painting is situated inside of what we understand as “Abstract expressionism” and more precisely. “Material informalism” whose greatest expositor is Antonie Tapies.

They are especially interesting her works where she develops the palette knife technic that show the planned textures. Thanks to this we can appreciate the rich materiality of oil and the different applied pigments.

She generally starts her paintings with a realistic fragment, but this fragmentation changes the picture into and abstract piece. From this on, she starts improvising each step of the creativity process, covering the surface of the canvas with all of the strength of the material used and expressed with the characteristic energy of someone who enjoys with art.

Jose Esteban Basso