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Retrato-José-Ilic-Museo-Villa-Alegre-Marzo-09---01I was born in a beautiful town called Villa Alegre, daughter of the doctor José Ilic. My father, at the time he received me, he was in a shock state because we were supposed to be twins and not triplets.

I was the littlest from them all, and the first one to be born, weighting less than 2 kgs.
Only because the incredible care of my parents and the people that worked in the house, we managed to survive and be very healthy.

My home was the house that Villa Alegre’s hospital built for my father, thanks to our birth and because we already had an older brother of one year and five months of age.

We are nine brothers and sisters, within a family full of values, with the example of a father dedicated to heal and a wonderful mother.

Our house, always cozy and filled with family and friends.

I studied in a board school in Talca, among my twin sister in Santa Cruz school. Neither my classmates nor the nuns could ever difference us, what really helped me because my twin Keka, was really smart and I… used my time looking for faces in the clouds.

After all, I was a good student, my favorite hobby was to look into the sky, it colors and the clouds… looking for figures, enjoying the intense red sunsets and the shades that the Fall gave me. It was a beautiful time, where one of the most wonderful memories was going to look at the vineyards in the afternoons with my father. The grapes, the leaves, the trees, everything amazed me for their colors and shapes. I was without knowing it, an artist.

I married Carlos when I was really young and we formed a beautiful family with three children, who are all grown up now, and have given us our dear 9 grandchildren.

I started my art studies at the age of 43. First, I needed to raise my sons, we lived in the country, in Quillota back then. When my mother died I was really affected, what made me start my studies a year later.

For 25 years now, we have been living in the V region, in a small city called La Cruz. Where me and my family moved then.

mt10In the last 20 years I’ve been studying and assisted to different workshops and studios among Santiago, Reñaca and Viña del Mar. I had the privilege to have for long periods of time Celina Gálvez, Augusto Barcia, María Elena Ramírez, as teachers, including Leonardo Godoy, fundamental for my studies in acrylic and José Basso, very important for my develop in oil technics and my growth as an artist, and during 2010, I took a faces and human figure study with Christian Zamora.
I am a study and a really applied person because art makes me crazy, until today I keep studying and investigating different technics related to abstract art, what defines me as an artist now.
I believe art is part of every step I take in life. I turn and live surrounded by it. Now I belong to “Taller 20” in Reñaca.

I work in my art in a little workshop in my house, without schedules, but at every time. Every instant, sometimes I don’t paint in days, because I am probably studying the work of my favorite artists, like Michael Angelo, Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Valenzuela Puelma, Carlos Dorlhiac as a drawer, fountain pen artist.

However, I think that we can look and study other artists, but there is always something truly ours inside every artist, one way, one path, one style, and the passion that starts to wake as we keep growing in what we truly like. It is something that comes with genetics and sooner or later, it manifests through art.